Thursday, January 3, 2013


The Premiership of Ontario will be decided by the province’s Liberals at a  Leadership convention scheduled for the weekend of Friday, January 25th.

Liberal leadership candidates include frontrunner Sandra Pupatello, Glen Murray, Eric Hoskins, Charles Sousa,  Harinder Takhar, Kathleen Wynne  and Gerard Kennedy. 

All seven are former cabinet ministers in the McGuinty government.

An interesting note from the leadership race, a Conservative senator has thrown her support behind Kathleen Wynne.  Elections Ontario records show that Senator Nancy Ruth gave Ms. Wynne’s campaign a $10,000 donation in November. The senator made the donation through her personal holding corporation, 443472 Ontario Ltd.

Can you imagine the fall out if  Conservative Senator Fabian Manning donated $10,000 to Gerry Byrne’s provincial Liberal Leadership bid?

I can only imagine how Liberals in Ontario feel about a Harper Conservative’s financial support for one of their leadership candidates. I am sure a donation form Conrad Black would go over better!

For a good overview of the race check out University of Toronto Liberal President Johnathan Scott's post on the Huffington Post site.


Anonymous said...

You posted Pupatello's name twice in your first sentence so you might want to do an edit. There.

Are the Ontario Liberals going with full party voting via internet or phone or is it purely a delegate convention vote?

Peter L. Whittle said... bias is showing!

Anonymous said...

The Ontario Liberals are headed to the opposition. This is an election for a leader of the opposition.