Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Stephen Harper's  new E.I. rules, designed to place all the power and control into the hands of businesspeople who refuse to pay livable wages, is starting to impact the so-called "culture of defeatism"

The former Reformer has long  harbored negative attitudes about Atlantic Canadians. 

The hidden agenda that many Canadians feared has emerged.

The National Post is featuring a story about the first of many Atlantic Canadians to be abandoned by the Unemployment Insurance Program because of rule changes imposed by the Harper Conservatives this year.

Marle Giersdorf is the single mother of a nine-month-old. She refuses to accept employment outside of her town because she can not afford the cost of transportation. 

That refusal has come at the cost of her EI benefits. Under the new rules repeat users must be willing to travel over an hour to new jobs that pay as much as 70% less than previous employment.

Should she be forced to relocate? Is she being unreasonable in her expectations?


Anonymous said...

In all cases, commuting time will be assessed by taking into consideration the different methods of transportation that are available to you in your community.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the difficulty a single mother minimum wage earner would have making a daily transit from Mt. Pearl to Stravanger Drive!

Just a recipe for putting people on welfare. Seems like the feds are returning the favor for all the stamp-up projects.

There are costs associated with working. She can get an apartment closer to work.

Anonymous said...

This cut will be the first of many with our cut throat government ...how nice it must have been for that government worker to cut off benefits to a woman with a young child abd no transportation, no common sence being applied there but as long as they can sleep at night I guess it's ok... This government will be the down fall of us all...worst government ever..

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace to our Country!! People will be forced to go on Welfare and will cost more in the long run, but then again they're not forced to work and DO have ALL benefits paid! Sounds good to me! WAKE UP HARPER!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think she should relocate, I think the government should not only give her back her EI, but also help her get a car and insurance so she can take the job that is so far away. Mind you, 1 hour drive is far to go for work.