Thursday, January 3, 2013


Why would the endorsement of Sheilagh O'Leary by a Quebec politician hold any currency in the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador?

It is ridiculous! First of all, I resent a national political leader sticking his partisan nose into the local politics of my city. He does not reside, own property or  pay taxes here. 

Party politics has not infected municipal elections in this province as it has in other provinces. Perhaps, Mr. Mulcair might consider the recent scandals in Quebec municipal politics brought on by corrupt partisan political machines.

I like Mulcair, but he should keep his nose of local, non-partisan affairs. It is one thing to say O’Leary is going to make a fine mayor someday but to promise to come back and make sure she wins, give me a frigging break!

I have campaigned for New Democrats and Liberals. I have supported Progressive Conservative leaning individuals who have run for municipal politics. I have campaigned municipally for notable Liberals like Tom Hann & Simon Lono; I have campaigned for notable Progressive Conservatives like Shannie Duff; I have campaigned for notable New Democrats like Jack Harris. 

I voted for them all because I thought they were good people, never because of a party allegiance!

It is the one level of government where people stand, or fall, on what they have accomplished. I vote for the person. There are no party coattails or silly party lines.

There is something terribly wrong with our partisan political system.

I will not support a candidate that threatens to poison the grassroots, non-partisan nature of municipal politics in this province.

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Anonymous said...

I hope there is another option beside O'leary and doc. This city needs a dose of fiscal responsibility. I fear both of these choices result in bottom line of massive increased spending and lack of focus on core mandate:Provision of basic services. Instead the focus will be on side issues like fences and cruise ships.