Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Perhaps I am a sourpuss.

Perhaps, I am out of touch with contemporary needs, but why is the Atlantic Lottery Corporation taking bets on the Oscars?

Gamblers can test their predictions online at ProlineStadium.com and at retail outlets.

The latest moneymaker is part of Atlantic Lottery's Pro-Line Futures offerings.

It really makes me angry as I think of all the suckers out there that the government is taking advantage of.

I suppose it is better the money goes to paying taxes and mental health programs than to some seedy backroom odds maker. 

A fool and their money are quickly parted.


Anonymous said...

It's voluntary. No one forces people to play. You can choose not to bet on it. ALC money goes to some pretty important places. It's voluntary taxation, really, to bolster the Provincial coffers. Without it, we'd pay more in involuntary tax.

Anonymous said...

Voluntary...like alcohol for alcoholics.

I for one do not think the government should be at it. What is next horse racing?

Anonymous said...

This stuff is crack for compulsive gamblers. Like waving a red flag at a bull. Government knows this but the lure of easy money is too strong. They become addicted to their behavior, unable to stop and drawn to continually gambling, while falling into debt, damaging important relationships and causing problems with their job.

Research shows that nearly 10% of the public have a problem with compulsive gambling. The easier it becomes to gamble the bigger the problem will become.

I know better than most. What started as a bit of a chance to make some money became a VLC addiction that cost me my marriage and my job.

Take a stroll in my shoes.