Monday, December 10, 2012


My brother Mike and I helped propel  the latest Bond Flick  to the top of the box office receipts this past weekend.

“Skyfall,” captured  $11 million in its fifth week in U.S. and Canadian movie theaters. Agent 007 23rd film marks the 50th anniversary of the franchise. It is the best selling Bond movie of all time collecting $918 million in ticket sales worldwide.

Mike says it was the best Bond movie ever! I was not as impressed, but in retrospect it has grown on me.  Daniel Craig has certainly become my favorite Bond. He is a captivating cool character. This film is darker than most of the other bonds, the villain is psychological unhinged and there are a lot of surprises.  In many ways the theme of loss introduces new people into familiar roles and sets the stage for some sad goodbyes.

The franchise has been rebooted in many ways, setting the scene for a fresh future for 007.

My favorite Bond movie of the 23 is GoldFinger. Gimmicks, Bond Girls and a great villain! Perhaps it is nostalgia, but this was a movie that just screamed 007. 

Have you seen “Skyfall?” What did you think? 

What was your favorite Bond Movie?

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