Monday, December 3, 2012



"We're producing art."
April 4 2012


Semy and Seone must think they are so cool today!

The pair vandalized a viewing platform at Deadman's Pond on historic SignalHill. According to a CBC story, the deed was done overnight.

The pair claim to be part of the Rong Crew, a graffiti crew based out of St. John's.
While the graffiti was not vulgar, it is certainly unacceptable.

Semy, Seone and the Rong Crew hidden behind hoodies and designer sun glasses, appeared in a Telegram article last spring. At that time they claimed to be artists.

The name of the game for these vandals is height and visibility. It is not about art but about infamy and ego.
The city of City of St. John’s has established a committee to fight graffiti crime. The Graffiti Management Plan offers a zero-tolerance policy that is meant to discourage graffiti. For the taggers it makes the danger of getting caught worth the risk.

The cost to the city and businesses to clean up the mess is not small. The city expends in excess of $30,000 a year removing the vandalism.

The Signal Hill Tag is not art. It can not be assessed as art, it is vandalism, a blight on the landscape. It is crude and  simplistic and hence cannot be considered art.


Anonymous said...

If it is applied to private property, without the consent of the owner, it is VANDALISM.

Catch them, charge them, and if found guilty, sentance them to make reparations item the defaced, bringing it back to the way it was prior to the defacing. Additionally, have them do community service.

Anonymous said...

The only solution to these attention seekers is to deny them what they seek. The CBC should not have run the story, and the city or those responsible for the platform should have the surface repainted asap.
Blogging about them will only motivate them. The vast majority of us look down on this activity. Do us all a favor and ignore any future incidents.

Anonymous said...

They just got arrested. Their names are Joshua Ducey, Shane Mills and David Legge. Those names show up on the court docket for August 1st 2013 for damage to property under $1,000. A search for those names on google also shows that VOCM and KROCK reported their names before taking them down. They wanted to be famous, so let them be.