Friday, December 28, 2012


We did not get down to the Burin Peninsula for Christmas this year!

Hockey tournaments, poor timing and work commitments have kept our family in the city. I am feeling a little blue as the snow whips around outside, yearning for a few nights in the harbour.

Last year our family spent Christmas in St. Bernard’s. It was a magical time. Santa still found the boys, we could walk everywhere and knew everyone, mom and dad were with us when the kids opened their gifts and we did lots of Mummering.  There is nothing like Christmas at home.

I am half tempted to dress the boys up in mummer garb and let them visit a few homes on our quit cul-de-sac over the weekend. I am sure they would have some fun and bring some cheer with them.

As a little boy, I remember Mummering. We would get in out of the cold, pull up our faces, get treated to a glass of purity syrup and a cookie, do a little jig  and head off to the next house.

In fact, I’ll never forget the first night that my brother Mike and I went Mummering. It was our first Christmas in St. Bernard’s.

We knocked on Aunt Vera Power’s porch door and when she answered we shouted “trick or treat!”

She smiled, hugged us and said you must be Lorne’s boys!

We had not quite distinguished Mummering from Halloween!

Like her big house at the turnaround out the bank, Aunt Vera is long gone, but the memories never fade!

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