Monday, December 17, 2012


It was tough getting on the go this morning.

I was a little sad because my niece and great-nephew had a very early flight to Toronto. A 3:30 A.M. goodbye was emotional.

Jesse is just 11 days old!

Having Jesse around the house over the pas few days brought me back to the early days with each of my three boys.

The scent of new babies, the soft skin, tiny fingers and toes, the warmth of a cuddle and the softness of their skin – such simple times.

When ever I see a new mom it brings back memories of our own sleepless nights. I am not sure how we managed to work, study and look after three babies. We always seemed so tired.  

These days we spend our time running a shuttle service to Green Belt, hockey rinks, tournaments, three schools, Shallaway and other activities - a different kind of exhaustion!

I look back on how our family has grown and it makes me sad for how quickly time has passed.

Juxtaposing how huge our little guys have become compared to Jessie was not difficult. Yesterday morning I slipped on Liam’s winter boots to shovel the steps. There was toe room!

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