Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Tis the season for conflicting schedules.

However, I hate making commitments that I can not honor, but family first.

In this case Aidan's Christmas concert conflicted with the final Toastmaster's meeting of 2012 and our planned Christmas social.

I had been looking forward to the social. Lots of Purity Syrup, fruit cake and holiday cheer. God willing there we be decades of cheer but only a few more Christmas Concerts!

The music teachers, volunteers and talented students at St. Paul's  put off an amazing concert. The various choirs, jazz bands, string ensembles & show choirs put off a wonderful night of Christmas favorites. The talent in the room was just incredible. The opportunities that my kids have that I had never had in a smaller school is striking.

The highlight of my night was the Little Drummer Boy. It is my favorite song of the season. Aidan was sitting on the floor, and one of the boys in his class was sitting on the riser behind him. At one point the kid started playing the drum on Aidan's head. The kid not realize what he was doing until the boy next to him looked at him. It was fun to watch Aidan's reaction and the drummers surprise!

It was also fun to watch Aidan obliviously avoid a couple of girls that were obviously seeking his attention. After the show, I said Aidan who was that girl that ran up to you after your performance. "No one dad, I don't know." He grinned, looked at me and said "she is weird boy. She is always doing that". Oblivious, but I doubt that naivety will remain for much longer.

Last year it was the Santa talk, looks like the bells of Christmas might are bringing on the birds and bees talk.

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