Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I like a good cup of Joe to jump start my day

Starbucks, Coffee Matters, Tim’s, Coffee & Co offer plenty of selection.There are lots of great coffee spots in town.

My favorite coffee can be found at the Snelgroves. They make the great-tasting coffee & espresso at home.  I remain envious of their coffee contraption. It has more levers than the Wizard of OZ's.

As a guy that gets confused by the few levers on a snow blower, taking on a coffee making machine with pressurized water and all the bells is more than I am up for.

I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means, nor am I insanely addicted to caffeine. In fact, I grew up in a team family – tea & carnation milk. Coffee came out of a jar…there was no dripping involved.

I try and buy fair trade coffee in the hopes that the workers who harvest the beans get a fair return for their labor.

For over a thousand years, man has been perfecting the art of making and drinking coffee. The altitude and the soil the beans are grown in produces the complex flavors.  

I have never tried, nor am I likely to try Black Ivory Coffee. It hails from Myanmar – Thailand!

It costs $1,090 per kilogram, which is about $50 a cup! Right now you will only find it at a few luxury hotels outside of Northern Thailand. The exotic brew is made from beans eaten by a herd of 20 elephants and plucked from their poop. The “earthy flavor” is created from the digestive process of the elephants.

For people who really love their coffee, the sky is the limit. I like a good peated scotch but I draw the limit at eating anything that comes out of a pile of crap.

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