Friday, December 14, 2012


What a beautiful morning on the Avalon Peninsula!

A cool crisp sunny morning that would make for a great day in the woods. 

The water in the kid’s rink froze solid last night. A few more layers and they should be able to play hockey out there. To be a child again, thoughts of lacing up skates, playing outdoors and having fun. Not worrying about bills, work or impending job cuts.

The coolness in the air was re-enforced by the economic woes across the province. The government is going to “right size” the public service, fish plant workers in Burin will punch their last day at work today, Corner Brook Pulp & Paper is going to shut down for a few weeks after Christmas.

The Minister of Finance is telling the unions that contract stripping, job cuts and service cuts are inevitable this spring as the government "right sizes" its expenditures. All that comes to mind for thousands of young professionals is -  last in, first out!

So much for all those opportunities.

Our have not province is just humming along like a have province should!

An icy day indeed!

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