Monday, December 17, 2012


I have a number of buddies that are in the construction contracting business.

Perhaps the most significant challenge facing them is theft!

Theft of equipment and materials from work sites has reached epidemic proportions. It is simply unbelievable how slimy some people in this city are. From generators and saws to windows and door frames – anything and everything appears to have a value in the local black market.

The thievery of money from Salvation Army kettles and cans was bad enough. This year some scumbags stole three of my churches Advent Candles. They left the candle that had been left behind! Who would steal candles from a church under the watchful eye of Jesus on the Cross? The lowest of the low!

How bold are some thieves? A story out of Florida will astonish you. A woman came home one night to discover something had been stolen from her home: her driveway!
300 square feet of brick pavers were carted away sometime while she was at work.

 A witness saw the two men digging up the pavers, but assumed it was tied to other construction happening at the home.

I suppose it explains why natural Christmas tree sales people sleep in trailers near their lots to keep an eye on their trees.


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