Monday, December 3, 2012


A busy weekend at the Whittle household as the Christmas season kicked in to high gear. 

On top of the usual hockey and tennis, they boys participated in a couple of Christmas extravaganzas. It made for lots of multitasking and running back and forth. Trying to keep the boys on schedule was a challenge.

Aidan performed in five presentations of “Scrooge” over the weekend. Poor bugger was beat to snot this morning!  It was a wonderful performance. Fantastic acting, beautiful voices and a story that really makes on reflect on the meaning of life. 

Shallaway’s annual Christmas concert took place on Saturday night. Aidan was excused to participate in ‘Scrooge”. The Christmas spectacle changed venue this year. A new stage was constructed at St. Mary’s Anglican Church. It is great to see our religious buildings full of people. The concert was sold out – standing room only!

The candlelight processions, children’s voices and audience participation make this annual concert the kick-off of our Christmas season.

Now if only I could convince the boys to put off a little concert at home!

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