Thursday, December 13, 2012


Okay, yea I get Brandon Feild's point but why would Dominion pull this particular National Inquirer, but continue to offer dozen of magazines featuring half-clad Anorexic models and sex tips? I seriously think that society needs to step back and rethink this a bit.

Sure these "celebs" are being picked on but to me the issue is a natural look vs the Hollywood make-over that is so prominent on the cover of all these other publications. They create a culture where young women
desire to be thin and model-perfect that gets out of hand. 

Young people are so incredibly influenced by these images. Studies have linked them with  low self-esteem and body dissatisfaction in young girls and women, placing them at risk for development of body image disturbances and eating disorders. These conditions can have devastating psychological as well as medical consequences.

Visit a young girl, once full of vitality- as she lays in a  hospital bed hooked up to a set of IVs and heart monitors. What about attending the funeral of classmate in University who died because of her eating disorder.

 If someone overweight is photographed in public wearing a bikini that is a little tight or shows their bulges, it is what it is. They certainly might be embarrassed to see the photos or obviously they just do not care.

"I wanna look like a model" syndrome kills.

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