Wednesday, December 5, 2012


If there is anything Santa, grand parents, uncles and aunts can count on at Christmas time – there will be plenty of Lego requests from my house.

Liam and Conor are builders. They have incredible imaginations. Lego is their favorite toy by far – although Minecraft is a close second these days.

Now imagine wanting a Lego set so bad that you have saved every penny you can get your hands on only to find the set discontinued. That is code for very expensive!

Like my guys, James Groccia loves Lego. James, has a form of autism called Asperger’s syndrome

He wanted the 1000 piece Emerald Night Train set. It was $100 and recommended for 14 year olds. He was only eight at the time. His parents hesitated thinking it might be too complex for him.

Groccia could not forget this train set. He was told to save up for it and he did.

It took two years. In that period of time LEGO had stopped making the train set, it had became a collectors item. The price skyrocketed putting it out of the reach of the zealous lad.

The broken hearted lad wrote the Lego company. He explained how he loved Lego. How it has helped him build social skills in play groups. He also told them how much he loved the Emerald Night Train set.

On his 11th birthday, Lego send him a surprise. Here is the video:

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