Sunday, December 9, 2012


Three indelible events stick out in my mind as a youth!

The murder of John Lennon, the attempted assassination of the Pope, the murder of John Lennon, and he attempted assassination  of Ronald Reagan, These events played a role in the development of people, trust and  democracy.

Where these assassins working on there own volition? What prompted them to end the lives of John Paul, Ronald Reagan or  John Lennon, Will we ever understand or forgive?

Until his assassination, John Lennon seemed less appealing compared to Paul McCartney. Than I discovered Double Fantasy! Pop vs depth!

On Dec 08th, 1980, I was out in the boat with my dad. It was cool crisp day on the water, Not an air on the water. We had shot some birds just inside Grand John Eastern Western Head. It snowed lightly as we steamed back to St. Bernard's. When we got back to the house for a mug of tea and a warm up, VOCM was reporting that Lennon had been shot.  It seemed so senseless, hard to make sense of,

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