Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yesterday’s snowfall created a run on winter tire dealers and garages yesterday.

A lot of vehicle owners were caught unprepared for the first taste of winter. I hope this wet, slushy mess is not a harbinger of the mild winter temperatures that Environment Canada is predicting.

The rubber that caught me by surprise last evening was a little more pedestrian. Liam, my middle guy has no Winter boots!  Poor neglected child. His first comment to me yesterday evening was Dad, I need new boots. My reply, surely Aidan’s got a pair from last Winter that you can wear. “umm, Dad, Aidan does not wear size nine”.

Size frigging men’s nine! I wear a nine and half or a ten! My ten year old defensemen’s feet are nearly as big as mine! It was a sobering realization. Aidan, my thirteen year old wears a size seven.

No hand me downs, which means no breaks on the cost of winter footwear or coats. Kristine was quick to point how much more expensive men’s footwear is as she scanned the footwear stores on-line.

Geez, when are we going to catch a break on this stuff?  He will soon be as tall as I am. Did I mention that all three eats more than anything I've ever had the pleasure of knowing!

In a blink of an eye, my boys are growing up way too fast!

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