Friday, November 16, 2012


Boy, am I ever looking for trouble.

Have you ever plugged your laptop or mobile phone charger into a power supply at a public place like a mall or a park?

I have. Lots of times! The battery level is low, I am enjoying a coffee – any port in a storm.

Have you ever heard of "theft of utilities"?

It has become a concern for anal neo-conservative types.

Take poor old Darren Kersey plugged who had the nerve to rook the taxpayers of Sarasota by plugging his mobile phone charger into the power supply of a picnic shelter in the city.

Police charged him with "theft of utilities", last Sunday. Unable to raise the $500 bail, he spent the night in jail.

Sgt. Anthony Frangioni says that "theft of city utilities will not be tolerated during this bad economy." For the record it only costs 41 cents to charge an iPhone for a whole year.

All Kersey  wanted was a little boost of his battery level.

The good news, Circuit Judge Charles Williams threw the case out.

I wonder if Frangioni paid the city back for the costs associated with charging and incarcerating Kersey

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