Thursday, November 29, 2012


What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

Ed Hollett over at The Bond Papers has thrown down the gauntlet regarding the issue of “whose facts” are the gospel truth in this Muskrat Falls Affair.

Dare stray from the official script and some zealous, politically correct (tory) will quote you verse and chapter from the good book of Nalcor or one of the flawed. “independent reports”

I have tried to stay away from the political rhetoric by researching the issue in an effort arrive at an informed decision. My line has been let it stand, or fall, on its own merits.

I agreed with Yvonne Jones when she told the Public Utility Board that "We cannot afford to rely exclusively on the non-objective and biased perspective of Nalcor and their allies."

The public needs a watch dog, they also want some assurance that they will not be left holding the bag on cost over-runs and price spikes. They wanted some real say in the sanctioning this project.

Ed  makes some really good points about the level and depth of the ongoing discussion.

If the news story, critique, study is not on  the Premier's reading list - it is flawed, wrong or trash. Ask Brian Peckford!

While you are checking out this post, might I suggest you consider clicking a vote for the Bond Papers as the Best Political Blog in the country.

Sure he brings ad nauseam to a new level, but in this vacuum of democracy we need all the intelligent voices we can get!

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