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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Disgraceful Federal Cabinet Minister and Labrador M.P. Peter "Cheater" Penashue is back in the news.

This time questions are being asked about his relationship with construction companies bidding on the Muskrat Falls Project. 

Interestingly enough, in APTN article a  Pennecon spokespersons said his business ties with Penashue were severed after the election. I am not sure how that squares with the last scandal in which the CBC revealed that six board members of Pennecon Ltd.,  donated a total of $5,500 to Penashue's campaign a few days after he was elected!

Here is an excerpt form a APTNNational News report:

“ There is no straight line between Penashue and the Muskrat Falls project, but the winding path begins with his filings to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner and flows through a company headed by his wife and a separate firm headed by two senior executives with Newfoundland and Labrador firm Pennacon.

Pennacon is in a business partnership with Penashue’s brother Max Penashue and their firm is actively pursuing and landing contracts from the Muskrat Falls project.
  • According to his filing, Penashue disclosed that he has an investment in a company called Penashue Group Inc., which he jointly owns with his wife, Mary Ann Penashue.

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