Friday, November 30, 2012


Prime Minister Harper is set to deliver on his promise to provide a loan guarantee or equivalent cash funding for the proposed $10 Billion Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project.

The details will be announced in Goose Bay today.

Nova Scotia Premier Darrel Dexter will join Premier Kathy Dunderdale at the announcement.

The provinces are going forward with the project despite failing to heed regulatory concerns about the project, the unavailability of export markets and  the dismissal of alternative energy sources.

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Anonymous said...

"The main arguments in favour of building the railway were linked to economic development. Not only would the construction create jobs, but by providing access to the interior and other areas hitherto difficult to reach (given the absence of roads), the line would encourage lumbering, farming and mining."
What's that bit about history tends to repeat itself? or is it doomed to repeat it?

A major hydroelectric project in Labrador is great, but as it stands the cost is too great and the market too small. Unfortunately, we are Newfoundland, a place that barely has had a healthy democracy in our history. A place where the people we rely on to think and to challenge in the public are so entrenched in party lines that they shut their ears to descenting voices or shout them down. There is no place for a sensible people in this climate.