Wednesday, November 7, 2012


“What’s not in?” – That was the most important question being asked in county, state and national campaign offices (and media rooms) last night as the results from $6 Billion in election expenditures rolled in.

Republican enthusiasm could not match the Democrat’s ground game, manned by an army of zealous local volunteers that concentrated on getting the vote out to the polls. Instead of wasting valuable assets on election day, the Democrats ensured that as much of the base vote as possible was in the bank.

 I believe that cushion won the night.

In election day interviews the Republican talking heads appeared smug. They really felt that the paid pollsters, robocalls and their ground team were going to deliver Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Iowa, and New Hampshire. They took Wisconsin- home of  Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan for granted. The Republicans were denied as the possibility of a win evaporated with each local result. The Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Obama ground team provided the President with a commanding second term victory.

It was a fun election to watch. Knowing the key battlefield states, waiting for clock to tick into the next set of results. The first couple of hours made for some dramatic moments. The Republicans appeared to have gotten their vote out, the electoral map and those electoral votes were going their way. Virginia put me on edge, Ohio was looking red and Florida was a see saw.

However a pattern started to emerge, these important swing states were not lost. CNN started “looking for votes” and it became clear that the Republicans had gotten out their vote but the heavily Democrat polls were still not reporting. Romeny’s leads evaporated, the board tightened and Obama’s ground game delivering the wins.

The game was over much earlier than I anticipated. By 12:30 – the big picture was certain.

I waited for the results from the west coast knowing full well that Obama was going to get California with its 55 votes. It was just a matter of how big the win would be.

My happiest moment of the night was watching crack pot Republican Todd Akin get trounced by Democrat Claire McCaskill. “legitimate rape” my ass!  

While Florida remains undecided, Obama has a great victory. I hope the ground team and those urban cushions deliver that state’s 29 electoral votes to bring Obama’s total to 332.

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