Thursday, November 29, 2012


The verdict is in and it is not a pretty one for the British Media.

Lord Justice Brian Leveson's report on Press Standards, brought on by  scandals in the British Journalism community,  was released today.

The press has been savaged!

The fifth estate’s reputation has been tarnished to the point that Leveson feels that the current Complaints Commission has to go. He wants a a new self-regulatory body and new laws.

He cites  "a general lack of respect of individual privacy and dignity" and condemns the press as it "wreaked havoc in the lives of innocent people.

In addition, he singled out the cozy relationship between the media and politicians as untenable.

The plethora of media scandals has led to dozens of arrests and criminal charges. Dozens of cases involving, phone tapping, snooping, invasion of privacy and illegal activities by the press have been settled out out of court.

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