Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Disgraced Labrador M.P. Peter Penashue broke his silence yesterday.

The beleaguered Peter the cheater got caught in a scrum outside of the House of Commons yesterday. Looking very uncomfortable and sounding horrible, Harper’s silenced Intergovernmental Affairs Minister said he would be explaining “his side of the story” after he explains it to his constituents in Labrador.
He plans to unveil all on Tuesday.

I sense a resignation.

If I were advising him, I would pull a Shelia Copps and opt for a by-election, which he could contest.

He could borrow convicted fraudster, Liberal Wally Andersons’s infamous onion and shed tears about honest mistakes. How the campaign started with only him and a worker and grew until the momentum for change overtook everything else.

Than he could shift into his love of Labrador. His ability as a cabinet minister to deliver for the province.

Next, he could talk about democracy and his genuine believe that these spending “mistakes” were genuinely not done deliberately. That he believes the democratic process must be above suspicion. He could than announce his resignation and at the same time announce his candidacy.

Or he could just resign and quietly pick up a federal appointment, like the vacant senate seat- after the by-election.

Or…we could see more tears and no resignation.

Former MP, Liberal Todd Russell must be eager for a rematch or a resignation.The Liberal incumbent was robbed of a win by only 79 votes. He has since been acclaimed as the President of the NunatuKavut Community Council.

You can watch the video of the scrum and his answers on CPAC

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