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Thursday, November 8, 2012



Cheaters never prosper.

That was what I was taught in school and by my parents. 

Sometimes I wonder "Why do good things happen to bad people?"

I do believe in Karma. 

It looks like Peter The Cheater is continuing to reap what he sows.

The beleaguered disgrace was under attack by Liberal and New Democrat M.P’s in the House of Commons yesterday.

The tainted minister blood is in the water and the opposition smells it.

The focus up to yesterday was on a series of “spending irregularities” but the NDP upped the ante by questioning his travel expenses and effectiveness as a cabinet minister.

Opposition critic Alexandre Boulerice says Penashue has not been doing the his job as minister of intergovernmental affairs. A list shows that the 80% of the ministers travel has been to his riding in Labrador.

The relentless pounding is making national headlines on a daily basis. Peter The Cheater told reporters on Tuesday that he will be telling his side of the story next Tuesday.

Stay tuned!


Brian said...

Tuesdays consultation with the constituents will be interesting to say the least. Boy does he have some splainin to do, reading social media sites many were taken in by him (some say bought) in the last Federal election campaign.

Makes one wonder what he really got away with during his tenure in Innu politics, which paralleled (for awhile) the formations of numerous personal joint venture partnerships.

Anonymous said...

Who was his official agent

Brian said...

Here is the glossed over version of bio of Penashues official agent during the election campaign.