Thursday, November 29, 2012


Every year at the end of November I receive a renewal notice for my domain. The notice normally arrives in late October.

Not once have I renewed on the spot.  Most years, I’ll receive an email from a reader telling me the site is down. Other times a local blogger will publish an obituary!

Blogging takes time, energy and dedication. Leaving the bubble of partisan politics, with it’s nearly vocational demands, left a huge whole in my life.  I started writing as an outlet for myself.

How many people read it was irrelevant! My focus was eclectic, reflecting my reading, interests, community activism, family and the weird and wacky. 

This is my forum.

Thanks for taking the time to bookmark, subscribe and visit Polemic and Paradox. Your comments, the occasional debate and your visits are the nexus that keeps me going. That, and the sorry state of democracy in the province.
We deserve so much better from government and the official opposition. However, as I learned from my last foray into the partisan game, personal agendas trump the public interest. We deserve so much better! The lost opportunities infuriate me.

To my anonymous commenter from the fifth floor who once asked me during a walk around the lake what my agenda was, the answer remains the same, I really do not have one. It certainly has nothing to do with feathering a next.

I like to search for greater understanding of the issues. To lend a helping hand and strife for social justice.

I look forward to many more years of waxing polemic about issues that are important to me, even if my approach can be a bit paradoxical at times.

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