Thursday, November 15, 2012


Some staff at Memorial University are going to enjoy an $8 – $10 million dollar view.

The university, whose board of regents recently approved a decision to stop accepting credit cards for tuition and residence fees to save $400,000, has acquired the iconic Battery Hotel & Suites. The 128-room hotel also includes a conference centre, meeting rooms and a swimming pool.

The university will be turning the landmark hotel, perched atop Signal Hill into offices for its employees.  70 people will loose their jobs. I can only imagine the scramble to get out of the old Arts building or Henrietta Harvey to the new digs. Might be time to try and hook a job at the Harris Center.

The provincial government has directed Memorial to get creative and find $3,903,000 in savings from its budget.

The University feels that the investment will be recouped through the elimination of off-campus leases and lessened need to construct new office space to accommodate cramped staff.

Memorial is the largest university in Atlantic Canada, with almost 18,000 students engaged in full and part-time studies at under-graduate and graduate levels.

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