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"Hi I am Dean MacDonald,
and I am a Liberal"

Dean MacDonald,
Young Liberal Breakfast,
May 14, 2009

Is Dean MacDonald going to apply for the job of leader of the Liberal Party?
Telegram reporter James McLeod set off a storm of anticipation today when he Tweeted   

"MacDonald told us he's going to make an announcement tomorrow on whether he'll run for Liberal leader. (Any guesses?)"

Without a doubt, MacDonald is the biggest drawing card provincial liberals have at the moment but timing is everything in politics.  Is the time right for Dean?

Despite the disingenuous suggestions by some that MacDonald has not been a team player, the oft touted white knight has been an active member of the Liberal Party’s Renewal process. From what I am told by Liberal insiders, he spent his own money on hotels, car rentals and flights for the renewal committee meetings that were held across the province.

He is also one of the party’s largest donors. Through his companies, he has donated substantially to the provincial party and to the 2011 election campaign.

MacDonald has been a big draw for fundraising at his home, for candidates and for district associations.

He has been a vocal critic of the Dunderdale administration. Just today he delivered a visionary speech to the Northwest Rotary Club spelling out what he sees as the role of the provincial government.

His annunciation of a broad political and policy vision for the province was notable. However, it was his comments after the speech, to the local media,  that has the Twitterverse, the Blogosphere and the local media buzzing.

He looks and sounds like an individual that is on course for a leadership bid. Many consider him a premier in waiting.

One thing is for certain, Macdonald can draw crowds that are willing to pay money to hear him speak. He can also attract the media and headlines.

In my opinion, MacDonald is seen as the person best able to retire the debt, breathe new life into the party and attract candidates that have been reluctant to support the party in this period of Progressive Conservative domination.

All of the major media in the city are reporting that he going to make an announcement tomorrow regarding his leadership intentions.

David Cochrane is the Provincial Affairs reporter for CBC Newfoundland and Labrador, host of political talk show On Point on CBC TV, and host of On Point Radio on CBC Radio One. He is out of the province but is staying connected via Twitter. As one of the most astute political watchers in the province, his sense of things political is unmatched.

He is Tweeting that an early announcement by MacDonald may be a sign that he may not be seeking the leadership.   

“I'm leaning that DM is out” he stated. “My gut says Dean MacDonald could be bowing out. Not based on anything but hunch. Very early. Clears decks for other candidates.” Cochrane had tweeted earlier to #nlpoli that “Rumblings that MacDonald's business interests may be too complex to finalize in time for race, making tomorrow's timeline curious”

Premier Dunderdale, potential PC leaders, grassroots liberals, the NDP, Dwight Ball, potential Liberal leaders and the media will all be waiting to learn what Dean is going to announce tomorrow.

Me too!


Cyril Rogers said...

My support for the provincial Liberal Party has been lukewarm at best in recent years. There has, unfortunately, been nothing in the NDP or PC approaches to governance that I would readily support.

At this juncture, I will be a non-supporter of any of them if Mr. MacDonald goes for the leadership. I don't doubt his abilities but, in my opinion, he betrayed the party 10 years ago and is still undermining the party platform.

His support for Muskrat Falls, and thus his continued support for Danny Williams, also bothers me. The incompetent government that is pushing this deal is the same group that were vassals of Danny and I see them just carrying on with his flawed dream, no matter what the cost. We are not, nor ever were, his fiefdom but he and his successors are still acting like they hold the keys to all wisdom. Dean may find it convenient to condemn the mundane parts of their governance but he is still very much taken up with the nightmare that is Muskrat Falls.

Peter L. Whittle said...


We will have to agree to disagree on what occurred ten years ago. I was there at the time and was very relieved that someone was willing to step outside the "group think" regarding the proposed deal, which I still think was rushed. Frankly, if Roger had listened to Dean instead of dismissing him, we might have gotten a better deal. If the Premier had gone back to HQ and said, look the board has some concerns that we need to hammer out the deal might have been palatable.

Instead, the brains on the 10th decided to assassinate Dean's character and motives. It was a bad deal than and it is a bad deal now!

As for Danny's dream. Look, I heard the same crap about Brian Tobin when he pushed off.These guys won convincing majorities, obviously the public supported them. I do not believe for a minute that any leader of any party would do anything to hurt the province.

I have been a believer in the Anglo Saxon route since I was a teen. You know who sold me on it, Clyde Wells! He spoke eloquently and passionately about it. He made a believer out of me.

If you are agin him for standing up against a bad deal than so be it. Remember you are standing against the current deal on principle, are you not?

Anonymous said...

Which companies?

@mcmanustheautho said...

It is 1 year to the provincial Liberal leadership.

Much too early to declare his candidacy.

My guess is he will decline running, stating business interests (Tuckamore) and family preclude him from running.

Anonymous said...

Seriously now, which of Dean's companies made all these Liberal donations?

Anonymous said...

Good for Dean MacDonald he made the right decision he just does no have what it takes. Coady, Byrne and Ball should make the same decision if they are leaning that way.

Anonymous said...

This opens things up for Dwight, Siobahn, Tom and Brad.

Anonymous said...

I really want to know which of Deanny's companies made all these donations to the LPNL.

Peter L. Whittle said...

So anynoymous, you think it is okay to sulk around like a bottom feeder hiding but feel others should be transparent.

What I know is that $20,000 was donated and every penny of it legitimately.

Do your homework, or perhaps you might want to at least use your own name?

Shouldn't be hard to lookup said...

Surely the answer to Anonymous's question is somewhere in here:



Anonymous said...

I'll look them up. If someone tells me the names of the companies I am looking for. I honestly don't know what Deanny's business holdings are.

Which companies? Names, please, wise internet!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the names of the companies?

Anonymous said...

Still nothing? Noone knows the names of the Dean McDonald companies that donated to the Liberals?