Tuesday, November 27, 2012



This province has already lived through —
and suffered through — far too much in
 the way of porkbarrel politics.

And if there are politicians who don’t
understand that, perhaps they belong
to an era whose time has clearly passed.

The Telegram

Today's stinging lead editorial in The Telegram is a denunciation of old style politics.

The target, not the government but the former leader of the Official Opposition whose recent declaration of support for the Muskrat Falls project caught some pundits by surprise. Yvonne Jones, the Liberal MHA for Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair says she will support the project if there enough local benefits for her constituents.

The editorial takes umbridge with her position.

At the end of October, Labrador MHA Yvonne Jones became the longest-sitting female MHA in the province’s history. And last week, she showed just how much of an old-school politician she actually is.

Jones has been a relatively steadfast opponent of the multi-billion-dollar Muskrat Falls project — in fact, her dogged opposition led to some of the more bitter and offensive interplay in the last session of the House of Assembly over the project.

The slanging between Jones and Premier Kathy Dunderdale certainly showed that Jones had a number of serious complaints about the way Muskrat Falls was being handled, and, in the process, showed how little professional respect the two have for each other.

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