Saturday, November 24, 2012


My seemingly never ending battle with Kidney Stones reignited with a passion this past week.

I suffered my way through a week that included training, consultations on bullying, toastmasters, and Knights of Columbus meetings. All the time, drinking gallons of water, cranberry juice and beer.  A symptom of problem is that they make me chronically fatigued, create night sweats and colic .... making me  barely function. The greatest problem with kidney stones is excruciating pain. I am irritable all the time!  I am getting to where I need a nap so bad, I cannot even keep my eyes open.

Hence this weeks slim pickings at P&P. I can only imagine what pain killer induced rants might produce!

While looking for advice and other people's experience with Kidney Stones, i stumbled on this cool video about why certain liquid beverages increase your ability to pee, which is of utmost importance to me at the moment.

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