Thursday, November 8, 2012


The American Election is done and over with.

The Federal Conservatives have a majority, as do the provincial Progressive Conservatives. With the exception of the potential for a fee by-elections politicos in this province have three years to wait before another general election.

Before you crash, here are few suggestions to help you get your political fix while you wait.

Regular readers of P&P  (Mom) know that I love playing board games.  Last year, I picked up a copy of Z-Man Games “1960:The Making of the President”.

It is a two player game that takes you into the 1960 U.S. presidential election between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon.  The election was a pivotal one between two dramatically different personalities, featuring the arrival of the televised debate and modern campaigning.

The game is brilliant. Kennedy might have triumphed in 1960, but in this superb game the win is not guaranteed. The components and mechanisms of the game make for an engaging, captivating and thrilling presidential campaign.

It takes an hour to and hour and half to win/loose the White House.

If you are less of a board game player and into electronic games,  there are a couple of games that you might enjoy to help you with that election craving.

If you are an iPod user you might enjoy Epic's game "VOTE!!!". This is a great game for stress relief. It is a 3-D fighting game featuring Obama or Romney. There is absolutely no educational value by a lite saber duel on the White House Lawn makes for fun times.

Election: Run for President is an engaging  turn-based card game played a 2008 theme. The game is just 12 turns long. The cards are based on campaign moves and fundraising. Cash fuels the campaign and you will need lots to fund the campaigns in each state.  

Another board game with an election theme is Die Macher.

This is one of the highest rated board games of all time, occupying the 25th spot on Board Game Geeks list. This is one of the most immerse political games of all time. The game is set in Germany where seven regional political races are followed by the general election, The various parties platforms, philosophies are combined with polling, media machinery and the tools of modern propaganda. 

I do not own Die Macher, but it would make a great Christmas present (hint, hint). You will need committed players, it takes about four hours to play a game. Hardcore!

If you know of a good political game for computer or for the board table, let me know. I gotta get my fix, the campaigning for St. John's City Council is still months away!

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