Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Last night’s turd kicker in Calgary Centre resulted in a Pyrrhic victory for the Conservatives.

The Conservatives squeaked out a win with Joan Crockatt winning 36.9 per cent of the vote to Liberal Harvey Locke's 32.7 per cent. The Greens played spoiler with 25.6 per cent of the vote. While the Conservatives can claim victory, the reality is that they only won the seat due to vote splitting in what is considered traditional Conservative territory.

The result also reminds Conservatives and Canadians that the Harper Conservatives won a majority government with a minority of votes in the 2011 election.

It also reminds those dueling opposition parties that as long as they square off against one another, the Conservatives benefit. Working together, they stand an excellent chance of  knocking off the Conservatives.
While the Liberals and NDP continue to fight each other, focusing on partisanship, the Conservatives with minority support, are transforming the country.

It is time for these parties to put the public interest first and put an end to the Harper era.

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