Thursday, November 8, 2012


A good friend of mine is a global warming denier. Well, perhaps that might be disingenuous, he believes global warming is natural phenomena and that industrialization has nothing to do with the changes occurring around us.

James Balog, a National Geographic and New Yorker photographer started as a nonbeliever but like Paul on the road to Damascus, has had an epiphany. He is now a zealous apostle of promoting awareness of the impacts of climate change.

This month, Balog’s years-long, multi-camera journey to document climate changes in the environment will be released this month. He set up more than 20 cameras in Alaska, Montana, Nepal, Iceland and Greenland to capture real-time glacial images

Chasing Ice depicts in rich imagery of melting glaciers and barren landscapes where, until recently, majestic ice sheets were prominent features of the arctic landscape.

The documentary premièred at at Sundance winning the Excellence in Cinematography Award.
The film is scheduled to debut publicly tomorrow in New York, Toronto and Boston.

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