Thursday, November 15, 2012


Brad Cabana is a polarizing force in Newfoundland and Labrador politics.

The Random Island resident continues to make quite an impression on the local political scene through his blog, conversations on talk radio and his political activism. He has become a controversial personality for having the unmitigated gall to question the status quo.

In recent months he has been sued for defamation by former Premier Danny Williams and mining company, Alderon. He has counter sued. Yesterday he launched a $5 million defamation suit against Premier Kathy Dunderdale and Tourism Minister, Conservative CBS MHA,Terry French..

A virtual unknown in this province, he came to the public spot light in 2010 when he entered the race to replace out going Progressive Conservative Premier Danny Williams. His nomination, which arrived one hour before nominations closed forcing a leadership contest was ruled invalid and he was disqualified from the race.

After a bitter appeal process, which included the revelation that the Executive Assistant to than Environment Minister Ross Wiseman came to visit him at his home and allegedly  threatened him with “personal destruction” if he entered the race.

 Cabana quit the PC party and  joined the provincial Liberal’s offering a zealous opposition to the governing Tories. In 2011 he threw his hat into a rushed Liberal leadership process and ran as a candidate for the party.

At one point, Premier Kathy Dunderdale chastised the media for providing him with an outlet for his opinions. He has been banned from some talk shows. Like Leo Barry, he has sought the leadership of both the Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties.

One thing is for certain this guy has balls of steel. He refused to let go of a bone once he has bitten into it.

A vocal critic of the Muskrat Falls proposal, Cabana has turned to the Newfoundland and Labrador's Supreme Court in an attempt to force the Dunderdale government to offer voters in this province a say in the sanctioning of the project.

His initial appearance, where he represented himself, was not a waste of time. The judge suggested he tweak his constitutional challenge. When I spoke with him early this afternoon he was working hard to address the issues pointed out to him and re-file the statement of claim

No matter what your opinion of this man is, one has to commend him for exhausting all avenues in an attempt to force this administration to be democratic.

My apologies to the Premier for blogging this, but it is hard to ignore a crusader for justice and democracy. 


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you feel the need to apologize to the premier for blogging about someone who is, in your words, "a crusader for justice and democracy"?

Peter L. Whittle said...

I was being sarcastic! I have to admit this forum does not lead to understanding that!