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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Peter the Cheater, the smooth-talking phantom cabinet minister will try to charm the voters in Labrador today that he is the innocent victim of election spending irregularities.

He needs to convince them that he did not attempt to deceive them. That he can be trusted. 

The disgraced minister and newbie Conservative Member of Parliament has been enveloped in an election spending scandal that is boiling over in Ottawa. 

The opposition, and the media, are focusing attention on the 57-year-old who won his riding by just 17 votes in the 2011 election.

Opposition critic Alexandre Boulerice says Penashue has not been doing his job as minister of intergovernmental affairs. A list shows that the 80% of the minister’s travel has been to his riding in Labrador.

The tainted minister blood is in the water and the opposition smells it.

Investigations of Penashue’s campaign spending has led to allegations of significant breaches of  laws regulating election financing. It was known that his campaign had overspent. 

The discrepancies were written off as rookie mistakes made by an inexperienced campaign volunteer! Reg Bowers, who acted as Penashue's campaign manager and official agent was rewarded with an appointment to the Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Petroleum Board!

Since that time details of a sweet deal with Innu Mikun - Provincial Airlines  provided Penashue with the means to crisscross the riding at will. A significant advantage in Canada's most densely populated riding.

Than it was revealed that his campaign may accepted a significant corporate donation but receipted it as six personal donations from individuals with the company.

Additionally, a loan to fund his campaign from the Innu Development corporation - that was run by his brother-in-law, has upset members of the Innu community. Several repayment cheques had bounced!

Peter the Cheater's approach today should be quite interesting. Will he play the victim? Will he resign? Will he come clean? Will the PMO finally axe this disgrace

No longer is this a localized issue. Penashue's spending scandal has become a national embarrassment for Harper. So far, the Conservatives have stood with him.

Stay tuned for more previews from the next episode of Labrador's version of Days of Our Lives!

It will be interesting to watch this unfold. Will it be firecrackers or a nuclear explosion?


Anonymous said...



S T U P I D!

@mcmanustheautho said...

Since Penashue and his former official agent Reg Bowers are pointing fingers at each other, it is time for PM Harper to take a public stand on this issue of Penashue's election spending.

Penashue must resign.