Monday, October 1, 2012


I enjoy long quiet walks in the evening. It is a great way to clear the mind.

I enjoy them even more during the full moon.

Last night, I walked down through the village of Quidi Vidi. I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the full moon hovering over the dark cliffs and the gut. There were a few men fishing from a stage. I wandered over to the large slipway and sat down to enjoy the spectacular view, the scent of the salt air and the sound of the waves lightly brushing up against the stages.

A few minutes passed, when suddenly something emerged out of the dark water at the foot of the slip. At first I was a little shitbaked! It crawled up on to the corner of the slip and dived back in! 

A few minutes later it rolled back onto the slip.  I thought at first that it was a seal, but it was lanky. As soon as it spotted me, it dove back into the water. A few minutes later it rolled back up on to the slip and gowdily shuled towards me. I thought it was a bit touched.  This sea otter started rolled around, rubbing it's belly on a pile of  ropes and than it started sizing me up. I guess he senses there would be no fuss with me and he went back to rubbing his belly with the old rope.

Shortly after, the sea otter dove into the black water and motored across the gut towards the Quidi Vidi  brewery building on the opposite side of the gut. The bright moon light enabled me to follow him, until he was indistinguishable from the dark water.  My new friend had abandoned me. 

Ten minutes later the solitude was broken. His yyes glittered in the bluish glow of the moon, the otter emerged with a salmon in his mouth. The fish was bigger than the otter was. He dropped it on the bottom of the slip and chewed into puddock, tearing the fish off the bones. There was lashins for all.  It was incredible to watch.  The fish stopped wriggling, it was only half eaten , but the Otter was done with it!

He dove back into the gut, made a racket and emerged with another fish in his mouth! Like a dog returning with a duck, Mr. Otter swam back to the slip and devoured his prize. 

I left him there in the solitude of the moonlight to enjoy his mug-up!

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