Tuesday, October 9, 2012



The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies has published an independent,non-partisan commentary on the proposed Muskrat Falls hydro-electric and transmission development.

The author, Gordon L. Weil, was the chair of the New England negotiations leading to the region’s electric transmission tariff and the Independent System Operator. He has engaged in wholesale and retail power purchasing and power sales and strategy development for wholesale and large retail customers in the U.S. and Canada. Weil is author of Blackout: How the Electric Industry Exploits America

I have only been able to give the 12 page review a cursory glance. I hope to find time in between work tonight, Toastmasters and my Knights of Columbus to give this a proper review. My initial glance raises some questions about some of the "facts" that Premier Dunderdale presented at the Board of Trade with regards to transparency, accountability, market availability and domestic power prices.

He certainly feels the project will be a benefit to the province. He argues that the Provincial government is not as transparent as it should be. He also suggests a number of checks and balances that he feels would reduce the chances of the project becoming a financial burden, including  regulatory reviews that go beyond the limited report requested previously from the province’s Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities

AIMS is an independent, non-partisan social and economic public policy think tank based in Halifax, NS. It examines such crucial issues as public education, health care, public finances, equalization, natural resources, Atlantica and demographics.

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