Friday, October 5, 2012


"And with a swing of her hips
She started to strip
To tremendous applause
She took off her drawers

And with a lick of her lips
She undid all her clips
And threw it all in the air
And everybody stared"

Patricia The Stripper


What happens on the playground stays on the playground!

Unless of course someone ruptures a bladder and the playground is the Philadelphia Penthouse Club!

Patrick Gallagher was participating in the time honored tradition of holding a bachelor party at a strip club when the groom-to-be's final night out as a single guy went wrong.

Gallagher had been invited to lie on the stage as the stripper slid down a pole landing with such force that his bladder ruptured! Perhaps he should have went to the head before crawling up on the stage.

Paddy had to be rushed to the hospital for urgent surgery.

In turn, he is suing the Penthouse Club for the medical costs, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.

I am sure his fiancee was impressed that he crawled up on the stage with a naked stripper that pounded on him.

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