Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am watching the patronage case of Kevin MacAdam, with great interest.

MacAdam is a former PC Fisheries Minister and member of the PEI legislature. In 2006  he hitched his wagon to Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives.  He was found wanting and rejected! For his effort, Kevin got rewarded with a job as Minister Peter MacKay's senior political adviser at ACOA. A political position for a partisan.

MacKay was the political Minister for PEI, MacAdam was the unelected point man for the province. Prince Edward Island grew weary of not having an “islander” at the federal cabinet table. In the October 2008 general election, Conservative Gail Shea knocked off  Keith Mulligan. In 2010, Fredericton MP Keith Ashfield became Minister responsible for ACOA.

MacAdam was moved out of his political staffer’s job and appointed to a $120,000 a year senior bureaucratic position with ACOA. His experience for the role was questionable – he was not bilingual and his public administration experience was light for such a senior role.

This past summer the Public Service Commission ruled that When ACOA's director general of operations for Prince Edward Island was revoked in an Aug.8 decision from the Public Service Commission. The decision was the culmination of the most in-depth investigation the organization has ever carried out. It was initiated after the Liberals complained about politicization of the senior bureaucracy.

CBC News is reporting that MacAdam is applying for a judicial review of the commission’s ruling. MacAdam's employment history as a political staffer and provincial politician was not heavy on public administration or management experience. He also did not speak French, a mandatory requirement for senior management roles in the federal public service.

It is bad enough that defeated candidates have been propped up with cushy Senate Jobs – but using the civil service as a dumping ground is unacceptable. The public deserves a non-partisan, neutral senior civil service based on merit and value. Seriously, why should the tax-payers be on the hook for huge salaries for defeated Conservative candidates.

As an individual who knows first hand that the Harper government does not hesitate to reach into the professional civil service, it is encouraging to witness the Public Service Commission saying enough is enough.

It is proof that Harper’s Conservative administration has hit rock bottom with their unacceptable shameless partisanship and colorization of the professional civil service

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