Monday, October 29, 2012


A few ago the world's second largest sailing ship, Kruzenshtern  made port in St. John's.

The four-masted Russian vessel is more than 144 meters long and 51 meters high. As a descendent of enviable seafaring iron men who sailed these wooden ships, the lure of the sea always calls to me.

The romantic in me has dreamed of stepping back in time and sailing on a tall ship. In fact, I have logged into a number of tall ship pages and investigated the potential of volunteering for an adventure of a lifetime. So far I have resisted the opportunity to join one for a sail.

The reality of how dangerous life on sailing ship can be was reiterated to me this morning with the news reports that the crew of the HMS Bounty abandoned ship after getting caught in Hurricane Sandy off the North Carolina Outer Banks.

The vessel was replica of a replica build for the movie.

14 survivors were rescued by two Coast Guard helicopters early this morning. Three crew members are presumed lost at sea.  The vessel lost communications late last night. Shortly after, Coast Guard in Portsmouth received a signal from the emergency position indicating radio beacon of the Bounty, confirming the position.

The hurricane has now claimed 70 lives and is bearing down on the populous Eastern United States where evacuation orders have been issues for low lying areas.

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