Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Round Two of the 2012 Presidential Debate is tonight.

With many political watchers, media and pundits handing the first debate to Republican Mitt Romney, tonight’s debate is crucial in what has become a tight race for the American Presidency.
The format is a town hall, which neither appears to have mastered, although Bill Clinton nailed the format quite effectively. I hope that Obama is taking lessons from Clinton and his former staffers in planning for tonight. 

Obama needs to connect with both the audience at home and at the town hall. He has to be comfortable, if he wants that to happen. I am confident that he has the skill and ability to connect.

Candy Crowley will be the moderator. She told  Politico that she is no a “fly on the wall," and that she will be reacting to mistruths. A real time fact corrector!

Tonight’s debate is taking place at  Long Island's Hofstra University.

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