Wednesday, October 17, 2012


From a serious contender to ridicule!

That is the mess that Republicans in the United States find themselves in after last night’s presidential town hall debate. Sure, President Obama delivered an informed, passionate, and feisty  performance last night. This was not a repeat of the first debate. Obama made the comeback he needed. He sounded and looked like a commander in chief – a president.

That said, the president never delivered a knock-out. Opinions on who won the debate are as polarized as the electorate itself.  A a CNN poll showed that 46% of viewers thought Obama won the debate, while 39% called it for Mitt Romney.  

That 39% must be hard core because Romney did nothing to win the minds, let a lone the hearts of those soft RHINOs and inependent voters that he needs so bad. In fact, after stumbling all over his economic and foreign affairs policies, getting corrected on the “facts” by the moderator and acting overly aggressive he committed hari karri with his comments about women.

The “binder full of women” comment has become a caricature of the candidate. He has become a laughing stock. It will force women and moderates off the fence and away from his camp. Romney is back to where he started before the first debate.

As well, the moderators intervention on a couple of occasions to correct misstatements by Romney made him look like he did not know what he was talking about.

These debates are all about the replays. In the world of replays, Obama looks together, Romney comes off as angry, rigid and confused.  

It may not have been as clean a win as the first debate, but the damage to Romney can not be underestimated. Obama nailed Romney with the comment that the President’s pension is not as big as Romney. Adding a little salt to the wound, Obama kept beating Romney over the head over the “47 percent” comments. The president also did the impossible; he came out on top on the Benghazi attack.

Obama and the Democrats won the battle, but Romney changed the course of the war by exposing himself as the out-of-touch, right wing Conservative elitist that he really is.

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Anonymous said...

While we'll all laugh at how strange it sounds (and the memes that the yuk yuk brigade have created), I think most reasonable people know that he meant binders full of women's names when he made the comment. If his campaign fails on that, then it really is the end of sensible democracy as we know it. Might as well just put John Stewart in the Oval Office and be done with it.