Thursday, October 4, 2012


So what gives?

Sure I would have preferred Hillary Clinton as President. I got over that four years ago, but President Obama’s bored as heck performance in last night’s Presidential debate in Denver has me shaking my head.

I do not like Mitt Romney, I do not like the Republican Party. I want a Democrat in the White House. To give Romney credit he kicked Obama’s ass last night. No doubt Romney needed a jolt to re-ignite his fledgling bid for the presidency. He knows the score. He went into the debate ready to impress. He stood toe-to-toe with the president, energizing his own supporters and ensured others take another look. Romney’s Advisers wanted him to shake up the race and connect with voters. I think he succeeded.

I expect the polls will show some real tightening in battleground states.

Obama either felt he was so far ahead that he did not have to bother to perform or his he just did not want to be there. Where was the enthusiasm?  No doubt his advisers wanted him to sit on his lead, make no mistakes and act presidential. Sure he is a president, but why come off like Spock? Perhaps Obama took his lead from 78-year-old Jim Lehrer. The PBS talking head failed to moderate the debate. It was a messy format that was not moderated well. Romney was able to take control as Leher failed to control the discussion.

Either way last night’s debate was a misstep that might make this election much tighter than it was in the days and minutes leading up to it. Moderates are certainly going to give Romney a second look.

The Denver debate will not go down as Obama’s finest moment. It is also not a defining moment in the campaign. The Democrats will continue to hammer home the message that Romney's plans on taxes, health care, the deficit and more just don't add up. Romney got a free get out of jail card. What he can do with any momentum he might pick up remains to be seen. With five weeks left to the election, Romney has some wind in his sails.

Round two is twelve days away. Obama and Romney go back at it on Oct. 16, at Hempstead, N.Y. The final debate, is scheduled for Oct. 22 in the all important state of Florida.

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