Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Some in the local blogging world are upping the ante in the rating sweeps! 

They have a message that they want to share to a larger audience.

One of those is Des Sullivan. His blog Uncle Gnarley which offers “Opinions On Newfoundland Politics That Bite”. I like Sullivan’s approach and have long included the blog on my links list.

Sullivan is a former senior aide to Progressive Conservative Premiers Frank Moores and Brian Peckford. He is opposed to the Muskrat Fall’s hydro development project. He feels the current batch of Conservatives should focus on getting cheaper power from Churchill Falls in 2041, rather than wasting billions on Muskrat Falls.

Today, I noticed that Uncle Gnarely is advertising on the Telegram website. He believes that his message needs to get out to a bigger audience and he is using one of the province’s most viewed websites to drive readers to his blog.

Can Bond Papers, Rock Solid Politcs and Sue’s Blog be far behind? 

Imagine Ed Hollett image on the big screen near the Tim Horton's on Torbay Road! 

Canada's top political blog needs more exposure!

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