Thursday, October 4, 2012


The Muskrat Falls Debate is heating up outside the House of Assembly.

The media is reporting that businessmen Leo Power, Peter Woodward and Chess Penney  are working together with others to launch an organization that will promote the merits of the energy project.

Chess Penny is the brother of a former Liberal Cabinet Minister and Peter Woodward’s family are big liberals. Leo Power is a Progressive Conservative organizer and a former staffer for John Crosbie.

Last month, a group high-profile lawyers 2041 Energy Incorporated to oppose the Muskrat Falls project. Labrador-based lawyer, Ed Hearn  heads-up the group which includes former policy advisor to Brian Peckford, Cabot Marin. Long time Liberal organizer Dennis Browne, former liberal leadership candidate Bern Coffey and former Liberal MP Richard Cashin are also part of the group

NunatuKavut has begun to raise it’s profile in opposition to the development. They are threatening to shut the project down.

Yesterday the St. John's Board of Trade offered it’s conditional support to the project, based on the decision gate three numbers.

The time for fence sitting is coming to an end. It is great to see more individuals getting involved in the debate. It is also good to see folks setting aside their partisan views. I would still much prefer a referendum on the 824-megawatt - $7 billion project.

I am with the Board of Trade, this project should stand, or fall on the financial numbers.


Wm. Murphy said...

Just watch the keyboard shouters or, Buddy's of Bern, arguing that Woodward and Penny are in this for their own financial gain.....If they do, then you will be able to drive a Mack truck through their argument

Anonymous said...

Peter, The project has to stand or fail on the numbers. But we need to see them. The fact that the government has not released them even weeks prior to the debate has effectively limited the opportunity for the debate. also the DG3 numbers have to reflect labrador mining, and what they will pay. I am confident that this will increase the rates to the island consumer if Emera is also considered.