Monday, October 15, 2012


I have been feeling that Fall was in the air. We got a taste of the Fall over the weekend.

The warm temperatures abated.

The heavy cotton sheets are on the beds, as well as an extra quit.

We vacuumed out the dust from the radiators and turned on the furnace.

After supper last evening, I lit the fireplace, the heat quickly warmed the house and melted away the dampness.

Everyone got to bed at a decent time.

Another sign of Fall, Kris and I watched Episode 6 & 7 of Newsroom from bed, under the comfy blankets. This is the time of the year that we catch up shows we missed over the summer and get in engaged in the new Fall line-up.

This morning I woke to find some soft frost on my car windshield. The early morning sun had begun to melt it. No scrapping, but it was there! It will soon be time to set up the boards for the back yard rink.

Personally, I like the cool weather. Walking around Long Pond through the crunchy leaves on the trails enjoying the sounds and colors during my lunch break.   It’s perfect  light jacket weather.

I can barely wait for this month’s Harvest Moon. It should make for some great shots. The next full moon will coincide with Halloween which should make for a fun trick or treating.

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