Monday, October 22, 2012


2041 Energy Incorporated claims that Nalcor and the province have missed a vital component in the proposed development of Muskrat Falls.

Nalcor has spend millions building roads to the site, carrying out studies and negotiating the finances but 2041 says all that is for not if a deal can not be struck with Hydro Quebec regarding water rights.

2041 spokesperson, former Liberal leadership contender Bern Coffey, has released a letter that points towards what he claims is a deal killer. He says the existing Churchill Falls Contract speaks to Hydro Quebec’s contractual right to determine the spillage of water at Churchill Falls. That spillage will determine the amount of water in the Muskrat Falls reservoir  and it’s electrical output.

Coffey says Nalcor’s right to “store” water in the Churchill Falls reservoir is unclear.  

Frankly, I can not believe that an issues as important as the flow of water needed to generate electricity for transmission to the island and export to Nova Scotia and the New England States has not been dealt with.

If the assertion is correct, it certainly shakes my confidence in those charged with making this development a reality. I look forward to a rebuttal from government, or at least a clarification.

In the meantime, the original architect of the Muskrat Power Development will be front and center at the St. John’s Board of Trade today.

Former Premier Danny Williams will be breaking his self-imposed silence on the project that he introduced prior to leaving office in the fall of 201. He has been quoted as remaining resolutely in favor of the project since rejoining the private sector.


Anonymous said...

Think you should have waited for Nalcor's reply before you quoted Coffey.

Peter L. Whittle said...


I only quoted Coffey and questioned if he was right. You did see the questions mark right. Not seen Nalcor's response but like I said in my post, I would be surprised if the issue was not dealt with and welcomed a clarification.


Anonymous said...

Has Nalcor responded?

Anonymous said...

Dan loves Kathy!

What is he going to do, dish his own project...that he is counting on to make his mining venture more attractive to a take over bid?

Geez Louise..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hisself claiming a bout of "self-imposed silence" is about as credible as a 4 year old saying he'll never pee again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wally you forgot to sign your name.