Thursday, October 25, 2012


 "Not everyone who uses a cell phone
 will get brain cancer. But everyone who
 does is at higher risk,"
- Lloyd Morgan, 
lead author of Cell phone report.

Italy's Supreme Court has accepted that Italian businessman Innocente Marcolini developed a brain tumoras a result of heavy cell phone usage.

Marcolini's tumor is benign, but could have killed him when it spread to a major blood vessel called the carotid artery

The evidence from oncologists and a neurosurgeons convinced the court that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones—and cordless phones—can cause mutations in cells.
Medical professionals have been urging cellphone users to limit usage and not to allow young children to use cell phones at all.

  13-nation study into the health effects of cell phone use has been delayed for years, and critics charge that the industry is trying to hush up findings associating a higher cancer risk with using a cell phone for over 10 years!

I got into cell phone usage in the early 1990's when the technology caught on and there was an explosion in sales. The mobile bag phone gave way to the cell phone and with it any chance of escaping work.

I could not place a number on the hours I spent on a cell phone between 1993 and 2005. I know that I probably spent more time on a cell phone talking than I would have on my office phone. The popularization of cell phones meant that I could return calls and do business while on the move. If I was not in a meeting, I was on the phone. If I was driving across the Island, I was on my cell. If I was waiting for a flight, I was on a cell phone.

All that time being exposed to electromagnetic radiation really never mattered much to me then but when I hear a new report about clear links between cell phone use and brain cancer I get wary.
Dr. Vini Khurana, one of the top neurosurgeons in the world, published a study  linking cell phone usage to an increased risk of brain cancer and suggests the pocket mobile could one day be responsible for more cancer deaths than either cigarettes or exposure to asbestos. The Dutch Health Council in Sweden released a similar report in 2006.

What's more is the report raises some significant red flags about the impact of cell phone usage on children because their still-developing brain cells are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation. That is scary considering the popularity of cell phones for kids and teens theses days.

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