Friday, October 5, 2012


I celebrated my birthday yesterday.

While growing older never seems to be a reason for celebration – friends, family, co-workers and Facebook acquaintances make them easier to swallow.

The past year has been an interesting one. At times it was hard to see the glass as half-full, as opposed to half empty. Learning that I had a brain tumor, going through months of testing and observation, finding out that it was not cancer - was a heck of a roller coaster.

The sudden realization that life is so very finite, so fragile, that it can be over at anytime certainly makes one take stock of the good and the bad. I have three costly, but healthy children that I love very much. Providing them with a good moral foundation to become contributing and caring members of society is my prime directive.

It is my responsibility and legacy.

hat means providing them with every opportunity to become what ever it is they want to be. That means sacrifices, heartbreak, planning, movie nights, hockey rinks, tennis courts, school concerts, broken bones, braces, scrapes, ups and downs. It means finding the financial means to enjoy being a father without missing the most important moments. I want my epithet to read "he was a good and loving father"

I think life can be more fulfilling, content and happier if you lower your expectations. That is not a defeatist statement, just a reflection of priorities. It is better strategy to always ground your expectations and celebrate the wins.

Managing expectations leads to more happiness and makes you a more well-rounded individual.

So, I celebrate having so many caring friends and focus on a fulfilling life.

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Jay L said...

Just to clarify... the glass is always completely full. No matter how much water is in it, the rest is full of air. :)