Monday, September 17, 2012


The post Leslie brown hue of leaves, tall grass and plants is a bit of a phenomena to me.

Everything from the leaves on my Dogberry trees to shrubs have gone into an accelerated autumn. They are dried out and brown. I noticed that the transformation to  deadish brown colors  happened rather suddenly.

In fact, it is not cooler temperatures or autumn weather. The vegetation is suffering from extreme wind burn courtesy of last week’s tropical storm. The hurricane strength – Tropical Storm destroyed structures blown over or torn by winds, uprooted trees, snapped branches and knocked out hydro for thousands of people. We got winds well over 100mph.

I am guessing the fall colors will be muted this year!

Perhaps, someone can obtain a grant to paint the foliage this fall!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the same. It will make for a dull fall. No colors!